Fiendish Fables finally shipping!


Artwork by David Wachter.

Artwork by David Wachter


(originally posted 2007 on the old Fablewood Studios website):

Cover/contributing artist David Wachter says it best in his announcement on the Comic Geek Speak forums:


With absolutely no explanation as to why it’s being released 2 weeks late, Diamond has finally listed Fiendish Fables on it’s shipping list for this week!

This book is cursed. No foolin’, cursed!

Stories have disappeared from existence, creators have vanished, and a publisher has dematerialized. Misinformation has been propagated, release dates inexplicably delayed.

But, despite it all, the little book that is hated by man, despised by the fates, and feared by deities, will reach store shelves this Wednesday! Look for it!

It’s certainly been a long, bumpy ride, but the book is finally out. I want to thank Brian Kirsten at Brain Scan Studios for picking it up after the Narwain implosion, artist David Wachter for his non-stop promotional efforts, and I especially want to thank all of the incredibly talented contributors for all the hard work they put into this project!

I hear that the book is getting decent positioning in major retailers like Midtown Comics in NYC and Comicopia in Boston (thank you both!). I’d love to hear whether your local shops are carrying the book, what kind of placement it’s getting, etc. In fact, it would be cool to see pictures of the book on the shelves of your local shop. Send them to me and I’ll post them all! You can even include a picture of the storefront or sign and the shop can get a little publicity.


~ by jschlim on October 1, 2009.

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