The mission of Fablehaus Studio (formerly Fablewood Studios) is to spin tales of wonder and adventure by uniting the written word with the imaginative visions of the finest artists, animators, and multimedia alchemists in the world. Heroic characters, enchanted worlds, and impossible scenarios conceived in the fevered dreams of John Schlim Jr. are brought to life through the magical talent of collaborating artists and then introduced to eager readers by our partner publishers.


John spent his formative years as a mercenary writer in the bloody, interdimensional, Literary Wars, where he earned the nickname, “Hack.” Upon his return to the civilized world, the battle-weary scribe worked for more than a decade as a journalist, graphic designer, and advertising copywriter. Yet his thirst for adventure could not be quenched, so once again he took up the quill to write comics, children’s books, novels, and the occasional screenplay.

Nobody knows the exact location of his writing studio, Fablehaus, which is hidden somewhere deep in the legendary Owlwood of New Hampshire.


If you’re an artist interested in joining the kingdom of Fablehaus, please submit links to samples of your artwork along with contact information. Due to the constant threat of viruses, we cannot accept e-mails with attachments. They will be deleted unread. Pencilers, inkers, colorists, and letterers are always welcome to submit.

We recruit artists for two categories:

• Full comic book mini-series or graphic novels. Compensation is based on the specific publisher’s contract terms.

• Short stories for the Fablehaus Studio anthologies. Compensation is comp copies only, but you’ll also gain valuable experience and exposure to editors and publishers throughout the industry.


To reach John Schlim Jr.: jschlim@fablehaus.net

Artist Submissions: submissions@fablehaus.net

For licensing information concerning any Fablehaus Studio property: licensing@fablehaus.net

To schedule an author appearance/signing/school visit: jschlim@fablehaus.net


Rochester Free Comic Book Day Festival
Jetpack Comics, Rochester, NH
May 7, 2016


Fiendish Fables (Brain Scan Studios)

Fiendish Fables: The Shack on Lovecraft Isle (Dial R)

Dandelion (Arcana)

Vanquish Convention Annual (Dial R Studios)

short story in Outlaw Territory Vol 3 (Image Comics)

short story in Pantheon (Dial R Studios)

short story in HOPE (Ronin Studios)

short story in HOPE: New Orleans (Ronin Studios)


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