Until Forever

Until Forever logoUntil Forever is a story. It is a book wannabe. In an ideal world, it will someday see print. In an ideal world, you will enjoy reading it.

But for any of that to be possible, I first need your help. You see, this is a work in progress. I’m posting segments of the story as I write them…without the benefit of professional edits or revisions. There is no safety net. I’m pulling down the curtains of the publishing world to expose a raw manuscript. I’m giving you a peek into the murky brain of an aspiring writer.

If you stick around, you’ll watch as an imaginative idea takes root, as the twisting tendrils of plot and subplot branch out into a unified storyline, and perhaps one day you’ll see the whole creative process bear fruit as a genuine published novel. But I need help tending to the inevitable weeds.

And so I extend an invitation to you. Join me. Read each segment as I post it, and provide feedback whenever you feel so inclined. Please. Good or bad, I want to hear from you. If you think it sucks, tell me. But also tell my why you think it sucks. Tell me how you think the story could be improved. If you think it’s the best thing you’ve read since the cereal box on the kitchen table that morning, tell me that too. And tell me why you like it. Tell me who your favorite character is, whether you’re anxious to read the next segment, whether my dialogue is ridiculously stilted.

I stand before you completely vulnerable to your judgment. It’s like writing naked. I’m terrified and embarrassed. But I honestly feel that this self-serving public experiment will help me improve as a writer, and maybe even lead to the publication of Until Forever. I’ll be eternally grateful for your help.

John Schlim Jr.


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