This is the primary logo design for a graphic novel imprint. The color scheme will change to match the cover of each book, but the orange & maroon will be the core of all branding efforts. The logo is intended to reflect a passion for sequential artwork. The base image represents a page. The pattern of squares represents the panels. Individually each one is just a random box. But when viewed together, their arrangement communicates with the reader.

So why did we choose “Boombox” for the name? Well, two of the most recognizable elements in sequential art storytelling are the series of panels or boxes that comprise a page, and the written sound effects. Even people who have never read a comic book are familiar with the boxed format of the artwork and the “POW! BOOM!” effects that help bring the action to life. So when you think about it, Boombox is the perfect name. It signifies a love for sequential art storytelling. Beyond that, Boombox is a memorable, energetic term embedded in pop culture.



The company is a husband & wife partnership, so the name was chosen as a play on “it takes two to tango.” Hence the pair of dancing stars.When I hear the word “tango” it makes me think of tangerine and mango, so I chose colors that evoked the flavors of tropical fruits: tangerine, mango, grapefruit, and papaya.

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