Goth Ghost Girl


Original graphic novel.
Publisher: Ovation Comics

Story & letters: John Schlim Jr.
Art: Sergio Quijada

She was once a goth teen guitarist in a punk rock band, perfectly content as an outcast from mainstream society. But then she was murdered by a psycho who felt her nonconformity was the devil’s influence. Since rock ‘n’ roll can never die, she returned from the grave as a vengeance-seeking, wise-cracking ghost. Now her hobbies include hunting down murderers, slaying vampires, kicking zombie ass, haunting high schools, and taking her head off to freak out yuppies. Of course, she still likes to hang around the best clubs, and most of the other dead spirits adore her because she’s the coolest ghost ever.


GGG Name the Band Contest sign


That’s right, YOU can get in on the fun creating part of Goth Ghost Girl’s backstory by submitting your ideas for the name of her pop-punk band! Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Lilly O’Siris (who becomes everybody’s favorite ghost), the pop-punk band also includes lead guitarist Skunk, bassist Charlotte Taro, and drummer MacBeth. They blew up the charts with the release of their debut album titled “>GASP<“.

To submit your entry, visit and send a private message with your band name ideas (as many as you like) along with your name and email address. Creator John Schlim Jr will select his favorite entry and that winner will get a $25 gift card to Jetpack Comics and their name listed in the book! Deadline is July 1, 2016.

WINNING NAME: Imminent Hour submitted by Chelsea London. Congratulations and thank you, Chelsea!



Just like it sounds, this limited edition collector’s pin-up comic book features 18 stylistic portraits of that sexy spectre, Goth Ghost Girl! Each pin-up is done by a different illustrator, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake for true fans of the creepy cutie. Contributing artists include: Gonzalo Ordonez, Drew Rausch, Dean Kotz, Riley Rossmo, Russell Platt, Adam Geen, Victor Cabanelas, Dario Carrasco Jr. & Mike Brooks, Sergio Lantadilla, Mohd Fahmy, Ayhan Hayrula, Alfredo Lopez Jr., Bong Abad, Melanie Espinola, Anthony D. Lee, Paul Sizer, and regular series artist Sergio Quijada. Look for copies on sale at a convention near you!

16 pages | Black & White | $2.00 US | Dial R Studios | SOLD OUT

One Response to “Goth Ghost Girl”

  1. awesome….i so want to read this….sound killer dude!

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