Kingdom Macabre


An epic contemporary fantasy spanning 8 graphic novels, two worlds, and the most bizarre cast of heroes ever assembled.


Story: John Schlim Jr.
Pencils: Ig Barros
Inks: Jose de Jesus Salas
Colors: TBD
Letters: TBD

Book I: The Copperblade
Book II: Gravemoss
Book III: Silence of the Widow
Book IV: Frankenstein Yeti
Book V: Moonwater
Book VI: The Screaming Swords
Book VII : Painted Death
Book VIII: A Gathering of Dragons

Angus Carter was devastated when he lost his wife to cancer, yet his son gave him a reason to keep living. Angus even left behind the dangers of the police force and became a lobsterman to make sure he would be around for his son. So when the boy is abducted in a bizarre attack, Angus will stop at nothing to find his son…even it means crossing dimensions into a savage world where daily life is a constant struggle for survival.

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