Shockpop World Manga Digest


Publisher: Boombox Media
Ongoing black & white anthology.

Stories: John Schlim Jr.
Art: various

This unique anthology is a collection of genre-blending stories all united by one common theme—the style of writing and/or artwork have been influenced by Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animation). Some of the artists have also mentioned the influences of manhwa (Korean comics) and manhua (Chinese comics, mainly produced in Hong Kong and Thailand). These artists haven’t set out to mimic a specific mangaka. In fact, many of them offer a style that isn’t what you’d normally expect when you hear “manga.” You’ll see that each illustrator brings a unique artistic voice to their project, but the common trait among all of them is their flair for visual storytelling. All stories are told in the format of western comics, read left to right. Submissions are encouraged; please visit the “About” page for more details. 

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