Artwork by Gilbert Monsanto

Artwork by Gilbert Monsanto



Ongoing series of color mini-series.

Story: John Schlim Jr
Pencils/inks/colors: Gilbert Monsanto
Letters: Jason Arthur

Book one: “The Masquerade”
Book two: “God Killer”
Book three: “Cyborgeisha”
Book four: “The Second American Revolution”
Book five: “Kaiju”

In this near-future science fiction series, corporate power, organized crime, corrupt politicians, and immoral technology have mutated democracy into a fascist monster. The government censors books, newscasts, even music, to limit the threat of free speech. In contrast, self-indulgence is eagerly endorsed, including prostitution and recreational drugs. After all, a populace preoccupied with instant gratification is less likely to foment rebellion. The Orwellian styled government deceives the public with a false video deity, the Golden Man. Large underground movements vie for diverse results (anarchy, Marxism, the return of true democracy, etc.) amid increased political terrorism and computer crimes.

Society itself is a mishmash of pop culture from past generations. This immediate future has no identity of its own, so it must rely on the past. Hence, architecture utilizes styles ranging from ultra-modern to 50’s futuristic. Even the hovering cars are of various makes and styles (both weirdly modern and historically influenced). There is an enormous free market of entrepreneurs, entertainers, engineers, scientists, mercenaries, even law enforcement agencies (which have taken over police functions), all signing up with big corporations or, in some cases, enslaved via neurological implants.

Unknown to the general public, the last of a dying race of aliens is living in the United States. In exchange for highly lucrative patents to life-changing alien technology, a secret cadre of corrupt politicians and corporate executives hides the aliens from society and brings them kidnapped women for breeding. For now, the aliens allow themselves to be at the mercy of humans because of their low number. But their long-range plans are for much more than that.

One man knows the secret, and he’s taking matters into his own hands. He was given a scientifically enhanced super-body, he stole powerful alien weapons, and he’s beginning to master the aliens’ cybermysticism. As Masque, he will go to war in an effort to dispense justice and rehabilitate America. Only a new identity—a mysterious being exaggerated by the imagination—will have the power to spur the sleepwalking public into action. Only Masque can expose the truth behind the future of democracy, and incite the Second American Revolution. 

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