Unicorn Park


Artwork by Freek van Haagen

Artwork by Freek van Haagen



 5-issue color mini-series.

Story: John Schlim Jr.
Pencils/inks/colors: Freek van Haagen (issue #1)
Pencils/inks/colors: Dawid Frederik Strauss (issues #2-4)
Letters: Jason Arthur

Sage, Melody, Leila, and Casey are teenage over-achievers—honor roll students, star athletes, volunteers, and trained in karate. Yet daily life for them is a seemingly endless routine of redundant, boring, and tiresome activities managed by their loving, but overbearing parents. They long for something different; something unpredictable and exciting to shake up their mundane lives. But as the saying goes, you need to be careful what you wish for . . .

In the blink of an eye the four best friends are swept away to the world of Meadowmist to fulfill a prophecy of salvation. They must help a 10-year-old princess unite the benevolent races before the dark magicmaker Klasso Daarg slaughters all the unicorns and steals their combined magic to merge Meadowmist with Earth in a horrible, interdimensional collision.

Along the way the courageous teens meet such strange beings as an ancient owl prophet; a bouncing manipulator of mood magic; talking mushrooms; the bloodthirsty Usukai; and a dashing young hero named Vapour, Sentinel of the Mist.

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