Illustrated by Freek van Haagen, digitally painted by Alfredo Lopez Jr. 


Ongoing color series.
Publisher: Dial R Studios

Story: John Schlim Jr.
Art: various

It seemed like a prank when officer Raymond Taylor responded to a call about a UFO crash, but the young policeman’s life changed forever that night. He opened a mysterious container found within the wreckage and unwittingly released an alien exoskeleton that permanently attached itself to his body. In time, he learned that this strange apparatus offered great powers—increased strength, controlled levitation, optical energy discharge, and projection of three-dimensional virtual imagery around his body. For more than 20 years Ray used these powers to fight crime and help humanity as the legendary costumed hero “Vanquish.” Then a scientist friend discovered that the exoskeleton’s energy was causing irreparable cellular degeneration within Ray’s body. Simply put, it was killing him. Now in his 50s, Vanquish fights on, even though each use of the exoskeleton’s power brings him one step closer to death! 

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